IAM Maturity

Boost the Metrics that Matter Most

Elevate your Identity and Access Management systems from Ad Hoc to Optimized through Simeio’s Maturity Model. We standardize the path to excellence in identity.

IAM Maturity is the most important watermark for understanding the state of your identity fabric. Powered by Simeio’s Identity Orchestrator, all of your identity systems are brought under a single easy-to-use, scalable, and comprehensive platform.

No more half measures. Seize your success through Identity Maturity

No more half-measures. Seize your success through Identity Maturity

Your IAM Maturity scrutinizes the 8 most important domains of your IAM solutions, giving you a clear, concise, and direct view of your identity fabric.

No more rookie numbers

Boosting your IAM maturity requires an in-depth assessment of your existing programs, a full revision of all your domains supported by full identity orchestration, and the implementation of ongoing Identity Orchestration analytics. Simeio provides it all, at any stage, from start to finish.

No more rookie numbers

How Simeio Identity Orchestrator helps achieve IAM Program Maturity

The Simeio Identity Orchestrator does more than bundle your AM, CIAM, IGA, and PAM into a single convenient package. It enables real-time analytics, immediate control of operations, and expedited remediation all through a single pane of glass. With the Simeio Identity Orchestrator, your road to optimized maturity has never been clearer.

How does Simeio Improve each of your Maturity Metrics?

Access Management ICON

Access Management

Simeio synchronizes your passwords, federates your identity platforms, and implements or improves your Single Sign-On (SSO).

Identity Administration ICON

Identity Administration

Simeio optimizes your manual and automated IT provisioning tools, password tools, and role-based entitlements.

Identity Services ICON

Identity Services

Simeio enhances your user-facing systems for account recovery, password recovery, and automation for both.

Access Governance

Simeio develops your organization’s monitor and control programs as well as your compliance certification, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) applications, and data synchronization.

Privileged Identity Management ICON

Privileged Identity Management

Simeio harnesses the power of your privileged identities, including segregation of duties, enforcement of minimum access policies, monitoring of privileged accounts, and enforcement.

IAM Governance ICON

Risk Analytics and Monitoring

Simeio reinforces your risk posture through world-class prevention, monitoring, and remediation systems and protocols.

IAM Governance ICON

IAM Governance

Simeio maximizes the structure and long-term plans for enterprise’s management, tracking, and maintenance of access to resources for the authorized identities.

Entitlement Services ICON

Entitlement Services

Simeio streamlines and empowers your enterprise’s approval process and tools for role delineation.

Measuring Maturity

Maturity Rating Maturity Level Description
icon Nonexistent Neither understood nor formalized. Needs go unrecognized and no plans are made.
icon Ad-Hoc or Initial Attention is occasional and inconsistent. Future planning is disorganized if it occurs at all.
icon Repeatable or Developing Active but uninformed investment lacking expert advisement. Improvement is undocumented and sporadic.
icon Defined Documented and predictable. Evaluation is occasional, but regular.
icon Measured or Managed Well-managed with little to no user issues. Development is formalized and evaluation frequent.
icon Optimized Fully and smoothly integrated with sibling domains with extensive automation. Development is proactive.

IAM Maturity Chart – Where most
industries are & where they can be!

Start your Maturity Journey with an Expert Assessment

Every domain deserves your full attention. With the proper tools and expertise, any IAM platform can be brought from the depths of patchwork to the gleaming heights of optimization. Simeio starts that march towards perfection.

Third-Party Assessment

    • Outside perspective and drive to deliver a satisfactory result.
    • Extensive experience with identity standards and practices.
    • Identity service providers can deal with any enterprise of any size.
    • C-suite receives a professional result produced and curated by identity experts.

Simeio Assessment and Advisory

    • Fixed-cost
    • Fast-delivery
    • Guaranteed results
    • Scalable into full management of your identity system

Follow Through with Simeio Identity Analytics

Simeio’s management of identity fulfills and exceeds your identity needs. We ensure that your IAM solutions meets Enterprise’s Security & compliance Goals, provide a 360 degree view of real time critical metrics, enable remediation feature within Analytics. Our offerings are flexible for customizations, produce better & more appropriate visualizations of the information, have great ease of use, and get the data strategy right with strong risk identification and remediation against identity threats.

With Simeio Analytics

  • Meet and exceed security & compliance goals
  • 360-degree view of real time critical metrics
  • Continuous monitoring and remediation features
  • Flexible for customizations
  • Easy to understand and use dashboards

Start your IAM maturity journey with a 1- Day Assessment Workshop