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IAM for Healthcare

Strengthen IAM Programs for Better Patient Protection
Simeio has successfully supported healthcare enterprises to improve user experience by almost 60% with better access control.

Reimagine Securing Healthcare Applications

Achieve security and performance through intelligently managed identities.

Enhance digital experience for your users through a range of Simeio’s security, privacy, and consent features to improve productivity and connectivity. Whether you’re already on the path of IAM implementation or contemplating the modernization of your current IAM systems, Simeio stands ready to provide unwavering support at every stage of your journey.


Protect consumer and vendor identities

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ID verification, MFA, password policies, account recovery to make patient portals access simpler and secure. Seamless access for healthcare providers to help control the flow of PHI, PII, and other data to help compliance. Seamless and secure access to provider portals. Enabling authentication to—or registration with— third party providers in a simple and secure manner.

IAM expertise backed by a history of implementing large-scale IAM programs for leading healthcare organizations to solve key challenges.

Secure Interactions

Seamless, secure, interconnected data & information for patients, healthcare systems, and providers.


Enable a secure perimeter and zero trust approach through MFA, SSO, and other cybersecurity systems.

Privacy Management

Manage patient consent directives and enable providers with speedy and correct access.

Data Interoperability

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Seamless access to electronic health records (EHR)

Supporting Patient Access

Data interoperability support across digital healthcare applications, both on local storage and the cloud.

Focus on delivering exceptional care while maintaining stringent security and compliance measures.

Seamless IAM services tailored for the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Advise & assist

Assess & strategize

Implement & integrate

Our Prescription is Perfection

Learn how we helped a non-profit public health organization build a trusted national ecosystem, securely connecting 37 MN citizens’ health information with digital health services. The impact: user adoption improved by 70%!

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