IAM for Retail Services

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Simeio keeps your customers, partners, and employees happier when interacting with your systems.

Refreshing Retail Enterprises

Don’t let anyone shoplift your data.

You’ve got product to shift, but shifty hackers want to swipe your hard-earned revenue without ever touching a pallet. Frustrate them and please your customers with a single investment. Protect your online store with a bespoke and beefy IAM management solution that makes customers happy and hackers seethe.

Protect consumer and vendor identities


Customers Self-service backed by zero-trust policies strengthens the satisfaction and safety of your customers.

Partner Relations

Partner Relations Intelligently integrated automation and orchestration allows secure management of your supply chain from a single pane.


Employees Investing into a holistic identity platform gives your internal users greater control, efficiency, and stability.
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Keep customer sessions short and sweet through automation and expertly crafted interfaces, boosting retention and sales.

Enhanced Account Management

Fulfill the needs of your customers, partners, and employees through a single unified platform.

Meeting Compliance Standards

Ace your compliance with EU-GDPR and PCI DSS for both the short term and in years to come.

IAM mastery proven by profitable IAM programs for major retail enterprises tackling some of the toughest problems.

Enforced Supply Chain Security Policies

Ensure your risk-management policies, both internally and across your third-party partners.

Comprehensive Controls

Manage all your systems across every storefront using the single pane of the Simeio Identity Orchestrator.

Focus on delivering exceptional care while maintaining stringent security and compliance measures.

Seamless IAM services tailored for the unique needs of the retail industry.

Advise & Assist

Assess & Strategize

Implement & Integrate

Simeio Secures your Shoes

We helped an apparel and footwear company to automate, scale and simplify their IAM program. The result – 2 MN entitlements certified, 1200 disconnected apps managed and streamlined and much more! Learn how we achieved it here.

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