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Savings Calculator for Managed IAM

Cost Savings with Managed Identity and Access Services.

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Provisioning Savings (per year)

/ Devprov / Changes
Number of new employees (per
Number of changes per year
Number of terminations per
Total admin hours on UAM
Total cost on UAM
Total cost of employee being
idle (delay in onboarding)
Total Cost of IAM Solution
Access Request Values
Number of applications a
person accesses
Number of Access Requests
fulfilled in a year
Total admin hours for
application access for new users
Total cost on app access
Total Access Request Cost
using IAM solution
Single Sign On Values
Average hourly rate per
Average number of days worked
per year
Time Taken to sign on and
access application without SSO per day
Time Taken to sign on and
access application with SSO per day
Time saved per user per year
Savings for org per year
Password resets Values
Average Cost
per password reset
resets per employee per year
Number of
password resets in a year in your organization
Total cost
all password reset via Service Desk
Total cost
all self service password reset via Password reset through AM
Number of users
Number of applications in the
Average number of
applications an employee accesses daily
Estimated Annual Cost Savings (per year)

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*Although the information in this estimated annual cost savings is presented in good faith, Simeio makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information, nor does Simeio guarantee that you will realize cost savings in this amount. This estimation is for evaluation purposes only and not a guarantee of cost savings. Persons receiving this information will make their own determination as to Simeio products suitability for their own purposes prior to making a purchase. In no event will Simeio be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from reliance upon information from this estimated annual cost savings.