Case Study – Accelerating Energy Client’s Secure Application Onboarding with Hyper Onboarding

Client Description

The client is a multinational oil and gas company and one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world. 

Project Background

The client faced a substantial backlog of applications requiring secure and expeditious onboarding. However, the traditional onboarding process took 6-8 weeks, which did not align with the client’s goals. Additionally, they needed to synchronize their Azure backlog and onboard applications for multiple recently acquired renewable energy companies. Recognizing the need for expert assistance, the client enlisted Simeio as their trusted partner. Through their experienced team, Simeio provided a tailored solution to efficiently address the backlog, ensuring secure onboarding and seamless integration with Azure.


In a previous engagement with Ping MS, Simeio not only met but exceeded expectations with its application hyper onboarding service, powered by Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO). The client witnessed firsthand the exceptional capabilities of IO, as it efficiently accelerated the onboarding process and seamlessly integrated with their IT service management systems. Simeio’s solution proved to be an ideal fit for the client’s specific needs, showcasing their commitment to delivering exceptional results.


To address the urgent need for accelerated onboarding, Simeio implemented its innovative next-gen app onboarding service, revolutionizing the client’s onboarding process. Through hyper onboarding automation and self-service capabilities, what used to take 6-8 weeks was now accomplished in less than a day. This significant reduction in time enabled rapid user adoption and facilitated faster go-to-market strategies. Moreover, Simeio implemented a robust reporting process to ensure synchronization of IMS/AD identity data and detect any data discrepancies, guaranteeing compliance with audit requirements. With Simeio’s solution, the client experienced enhanced efficiency, seamless onboarding, and increased compliance assurance.


  • Zero wait time in adoption of authentication and authorization system
  • 65% cost reduction in app onboarding over a period of 5 yrs.
  • 89% reduction in app onboarding time
  • 20% increase in YOY productivity

Why Simeio?

“Simeio’s reputation for delivering online self-service, automated, and cost-efficient solutions for faster app onboarding is well-deserved. After we recognized the need to streamline our onboarding process, we turned to Simeio and received exceptional results.” – IDSO IA&S SIM Portfolio Manager 

If you’re seeking the same level of success in your application onboarding, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable identity advisors. 

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Accelerating Energy Client’s Secure Application Onboarding with Hyper Onboarding