Client Description

Global not-for-profit professional organization providing finance education to investment professionals.

Project Background

The client had a 3M+ global user community with a critical need for a customer-centric, scalable and end-to-end IAM solution. The multi-vendor environment caused complex integration and streamlining and a lack of SSO protocol standardization. A considerable number of legacy IAM products were at their End of Service Life (EOSL).

The lack of a robust access management platform resulted in key challenges.

1. Lack of 24/7 support for highly critical environment
2. Millions of unmanaged accounts
3. Multiple audit systems
4. Limited scope to enhance IAM solution.


Simeio partnered with Radiant Logic to provide services in Access Management & Federation, and Core Directory Services. The client engaged Simeio for its expertise in hybrid (on-prem and cloud) solutions as a managed solutions provider. Simeio had a proven ability to accomplish all use cases and the ability to provide global availability for all its members. Thus, Simeio would enable seamless migration from a legacy solution to a modern LDAP for the client.


Simeio, in partnership with Radiant Logic, implemented a mission-critical and robust Access Management and Federation and Core Directory Services. The engagement included successfully migrating an on-premise virtual directory service to the cloud without any business disruption and instituted a highly available, mission-critical access management environment. Registration and SSO capabilities were provided to users globally while supporting mobile and cloud-first strategies.


  • 30% lower administration cost.
  • 99% uptime.
  • 50,000 sessions supported per hour.
  • 3MN+ users supported.

Voice of the Customer

“We were looking for a solution to help us manage our Identity Management. So, we partnered with Simeio to bring us a cloud-based solution because we didn’t want to spend all our technology time worrying about IAM. IAM was an important program for us, and we were not experts. Therefore, we brought in experts to manage IAM for us. We chose Simeio because they brought the best solutions that fit our needs and reduce the existing complexities“ – Chief Information Officer for the client.