Case Study – Data Curation for an Automotive Insurance Provider

Client Description

The client is an American auto insurance company that provides coverage for more than 24 million motor vehicles owned by more than 15 million policyholders.

Project Background

The client managed a few of the processes on the legacy NetIQ platform and, some of the provisioning and deprovisioning processes were manually managed, by the internal helpdesk. However, to achieve the larger goals like governance of users, access requests, application onboarding and automation, this process was not sufficient. To meet the goals additional resources, including new tools, and IAM experts were needed. And that meant more investment of time and cost. Therefore, the client determined that an end-to-end IAM program was necessary to achieve these goals, so they could focus on their main business.


Simeio engaged with the client to manage its end-to-end IAM and manage the Saviynt platform. The area that would be key to the approach was utilizing the industry best practice to streamline the process to implement better governance. Simeio would also aim to improve IAM using a central repository and automate the User Lifecycle Management.


In this engagement, Simeio focused on three core areas to drive the most result-driven IAM program. These three areas included Identity Management, IAM Automation, and implement a modern, and efficient implementation and operation of IGA platform from Saviynt. Simeio provided 16 x 5 support towards managing the Saviynt platform and successfully replaced NetIQ with Saviynt IGA platform to facilitate and improve identity creation, access request, and certification and user lifecycle management.


  • 100+ Corp AD dormant accounts cleaned up in 6-8 weeks.
  • 400+ Corp and DDC AD entitlements & roles ownership updated.
  • 500+ Entitlements cleaned up in 8 weeks.

Why Simeio

The client found a unique and strategic partner in Simeio with its comprehensive suite of enterprise Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) capabilities. Simeio enabled the client with “better, faster, economical and effective” IAM, in comparison to what the organization would have achieved building solutions on their own or “in-house”.