Identity Streamlining for Apparel & Footwear Retailer

We helped an apparel and footwear company to automate, scale and simplify their IAM program through identity streamlining. The result – 2 MN entitlements certified, 1200 disconnected apps managed and streamlined, and much more!

Check out the video and learn how Simeio enables customer success through expertly managed identity.

Identity Streamlining Case Study Transcript

Client Success Story

Scalable, simplified, automated access and verification for consumer goods organization.

American apparel and footwear company focused on sustainable and active lifestyles.


The Simeio Impact

  • 2MN entitlements certified
  • End to end POS systems management for 400+ stores
  • 1200 disconnected apps managed and streamlined
  • 0 day provisioning for 1200+ users

Solving the Challenges

  • Streamline operations with enhancements – improved efficiency and end-to-end lifecycle management for POS systems.
  • 0-day provisioning & 0-day termination to strengthen security.
  • HR data cleaned & 12K accounts revoked to improve security.
  • Centralized management for all users.
  • Active directory integration with Oracle Identity Manager

Better Experience

  • Performance issues
  • Provisioning design
  • Planned enhancements
  • Usability improvements

Customer Testimonial on Simeio’s Identity Streamlining

“I would have to say Simeio has been one of the best partners that I’ve worked with. They have been responsive, and always there to help us with a new challenge, a new problem, a new way of looking at things and doing things. They have been a partner and it’s not just a company that we’ve brought on to say, ‘hey, help us do this.’ They have partnered with us and are truly engaged in making sure we are successful. I have recommended them before, and I will recommend them again. They are an excellent partner.” – Head of Identity and Access Management