QuickStarts - Privileged Access as a Service

Simeio’s service offerings present a smart approach to implementing strategic PAM solution for the most common use cases in a very short time and for a low initial cost. Secure highly privilege accounts on servers and help your platform teams control and monitor privilege activity through our privileged access QuickStarts package.

Privileged Access Highlights:

  • High level scoping, requirements, and foundation architecture.
  • Install & configure foundation PAM solution with single / multi region availability.
  • Enterprise integrations – Active Directory, Multi-factor Authentication & SIEM for event forwarding.
  • Discover & secure the most sensitive privilege credentials based on the QuickStarts package size.
  • Credential check-out / check-in workflow, with optional dual control.
  • Session Management / Direct proxy connection for Windows / *nix systems.
  • Go-Live readiness and handover to Operations team.
  • “QuickStarts” Professional Services package enables go-live readiness in weeks.
  • Available in multiple package sizes.
  • Extended Use cases & Customization offered as addon services.