Infographic - Why CIEM Managed Services?

Are your cloud platforms as secure and efficient as they could be? Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) is a young aspect of Identity and Access Management (IAM). As a result, fulfilling your enterprises various needs oftentimes proves challenging. You must integrate secure provisioning, ensure smooth interactions between separate applications, and leave room for future developments. CIEM managed services address this challenge. By providing a reliable and security-minded solution, a CIEM MSP keeps your most sensitive data safe in the cloud. Learn how some of the biggest pain points in cloud data management can be overcome through a CIEM managed services provider.

Rethinking CIEM Managed Services with Simeio

As seen in the featured infographic, the CIEM impact metrics are well documented. A minimum of 80% of all enterprises use more than one cloud platform. More than 70% of these companies struggle with their multi-cloud solutions. Whether your enterprise has implemented an ineffective CIEM platform or looks to augment its identity fabric with stronger cloud coverage, Simeio can help. By extending your cybersecurity apparatus to include all identity interactions in your digital environment, you enhance your risk posture. This even covers third-party access management, preventing backdoor breaches from outside your immediate.

If you’re ready to step up your CIEM game, reach out to a Simeio Identity Expert.