Simeio’s expert teams are drawn to Simeio because of the environment it creates for them, and the Great Place to Work Certification is proof of that. Hosted by UKG, Great Place To Work Canada has been a trusted resource for prospective employees since 1984, leveraging their trust model to highlight the most enriching employer environments. This recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience.

The certification maintains impartiality by relying upon employee feedback and independent analysis. As a result, this certification is a useful sign for job seekers that a company’s claims of a good workplace environment are legitimate. For prospective employees seeking their next place of employment, the Great Place to Work Canada banner shows potential employees that Simeio is worth pursuing. When a job hunt can last months, particularly for skilled technicians in high demand, the certification helps join the right employees to the right employers that much faster.

Simeio’s Ontario office is an important staging ground for our northern operations, where a considerable Canadian customer base relies upon us to enact beneficial digital transformations. These projects require a top-tier team, and that team needs an optimized environment. Receipt of the Great Place to Work award for Canada is proof that we have cultivated just such an office space, one where our teams are enabled to achieve.

That’s why our careers page proudly lists our international certifications across all our offices, serving as a job hunter’s first glimpse into the company culture they are stepping into.