The Great Place to Work Certification attests to the fact that Simeio’s expert teams are drawn to the environment it provides for them. Using their trust strategy to showcase the most rewarding employer settings, Great Places To Work India, hosted by UKG, has been a reliable source for potential employees since 1984. Employers who provide an exceptional employee experience are recognized in this way.

Independent analysis and employee feedback are the key sources of impartiality for the certification. Therefore, this accreditation helps prospective employees determine whether a company’s promises of having a positive work environment are true. The Great Place to Work India banner is an easily readable indication that Simeio is a worthwhile option for potential workers looking for their future job. Particularly for highly skilled experts in great demand, a job search might take months at times. The certification speeds up matching qualified candidates with suitable employers.

Simeio’s India-based operation centers are the backbone of our identity solutions pipeline. The hardworking experts in the great nation of Bhārat work tirelessly to deliver on the identity solutions our customers need to stay secure and efficient. Simeio sponsors several wellness programs to ensure that these employees stay in top form both in and out of work, ranging from charitable public works to physical fitness and sporting events. The India offices are rightfully recognized as one of the Great Places to Work.

That’s why our careers page proudly lists our international certifications across all our offices, serving as a job hunter’s first glimpse into the company culture they are stepping into.