IAM Professional Services – The What and Why

Every business in the modern marketplace should be using IAM professional services. It’s such a transformative service that literally every sector can (and does) take advantage of. What’s more, they all see excellent metrics across the board. Security? Locked down. Customers? Satisfied. Efficiency? Boosted. Compliance? Futureproofed. Hotel? Trivago.

So why have you not started your identity journey and pursued one of the highest ROIs possible in the modern marketplace? Maybe you need the advantages clearly laid out for you. You need to know how professionally managed IAM services transform your inefficient and vulnerable systems with automation, expert planning, and real-time ongoing oversight.

Your IAM Problems

Why do you even need an IAM professional service? Surely your company can handle your identity needs internally. Even if it could, why should you undertake this task on your own? Just finding and retaining the staff of experts to build, implement, and maintain your identity and access solutions will be colossal. In the face of the ongoing cybersecurity labor shortage, it may even be impossible. Unless you are willing to shell out for some very expensive specialists, your program will be flawed and unoptimized.

Let’s say you can fully handle your identity platforms and solutions in all areas. How long can you keep pace as your business grows? Partners, employees, and customers all contribute to your swelling identity fabric. How many do you need to try managing before you get help? 5,000? 25,000? 500,000? Don’t follow the failing trend of pilling more and more work onto your poor CISO’s head without expanding their resources.

Even without the sheer volume of identities, the shifting nature of the digital marketplace makes going solo impracticable. Do you know how many updates run through a single system in one month and the risks they bring? Do you know when your firmware will become outdated? When did you last assess the potential gaps in your cyber security perimeter? Could you even begin to budget out fixing all those problems? Well, if you use an IAM professional service, which is 20-40% less expensive than attempting an internal homegrown fix, you can.

How IAM Professional Services Address your Needs

Now that all nasty ways that identity can ruin your day have been paraded before you, let’s learn how an IAM professional service tackles these issues. First, consider scalability. An IAM professional service assesses your existing identity infrastructure and ongoing pain points. No two enterprises have the same needs. Your IAM professional service carefully analyzes your situation and provides a future-facing solution able to grow with your business.

On-call identity experts form the core of the ideal IAM program, drawing upon their experience with multiple successful projects. They know how to trim off unnecessary applications, shrink your attack surface, and reduce friction with your users. Working alongside your CISO, they optimize the solution you need, not just the one you think you need. And they know what you are likely to need in the coming years.

Once all of that is put into place, they’ll keep working with you to make sure the platform they worked so hard to build keeps running smoothly. This includes active identity security service to remediate issues as soon as they happen and catch potential flaws long before they can be breached. And all of this, both groundwork and maintenance, will be delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible. And that’s just how IAM professional services handle your pain points; wait until you hear about how they go one step beyond.

How IAM Professional Services Enhance Enterprises

One of the core features of modern identity management is automation, and IAM professional services implement this to maximal effect. The professionals install systems like SSO and Adaptive MFA that boost security and efficiency. Their installation of automated support cuts down your customer support ticket volume. They even expedite your provisioning of new users, getting them into your market share faster.

Beyond cutting edge automation, IAM professional services do more than balance security and efficiency. Both domains merge into a single federated platform. Automatic policy enforcement and active monitoring produces a system where security enhances efficiency instead of compromising between the two. Rather than setting onerous authentication policies between users and their access, federated IAM enforces the principle of least access automatically. Using role-based access control, platforms ensure fast and proper usage of identities, keeping your attack surfaces well-guarded without hampering usage.

Contracting an IAM professional service isn’t about outsourcing to someone else to handle your identities for you. With an IAM professional service, you take on a partner invested in your success. When their bottom line depends on your satisfaction and ROIs, you know they have a solid stake in delivering the best service possible. End-to-end identity management, where all domains are overseen and controlled under a single view, is the most efficient, secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective approach.