Enabling organizations with Identity Orchestration Tools

To put it simply an identity orchestration tool provides an easy interface for IAM program leaders and owners to manage all their identity tools and technology. You get all of your most important data and identity platforms in one place, visible and accessible from a single pane. Identity platforms have become a fundamental component of enterprise operations. The need has arisen with the increasing number of identity tools for each IAM domain and their ability to integrate with applications, and being able to monitor all of it through one source.

Identity orchestration tools are an essential component of modern identity and access management (IAM) solutions. They enable organizations to manage their users’ identities, access rights, and authentication in a more streamlined and efficient way. Identity orchestration tools provide a single platform for managing identity events, which makes it easier for organizations to enforce security policies, comply with regulations, and reduce the risk of data breaches.

The Visibility and Convenience of Identity Orchestration Tools 

Identity orchestration is the overarching apparatus of identity platforms between multiple subordinate identity sources. Identity orchestration tools hover over your solutions for AMCIAMIGA, and PAM, abstracting out their functions into a more easily digestible and controlled format. The only inbuilt system in an identity orchestration tool is the interface. All other functions run off developer-made plug-ins. These link all the different programs together and make them work as a cohesive unit. The resulting tool streamlines and optimizes all of an enterprise’s identity platforms for greater efficiency, user-experience, and security.

The convenience of orchestrating tools into the ideal IAM program stems from this linking of system within a single pane. An ideal identity orchestration tool should be vendor agnostic, thus can efficiently work with multiple applications. For example, Simeio leverages its relationships with our myriad identity technology partners to create interoperational controls between programs. This means that the user can not only access all their identity functions from a single application, but also scale as needed.

With a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the customer must do little or no upkeep of the identity orchestration tools on their end. The identity orchestration tool provider handles any new additions or emergent challenges on behalf of the user. This provides exceptional scalability for features as well as data volume. The value of this service swells exponentially if the same team that implements the identity orchestration solution oversees its ongoing operations. Their familiarity with the nuances of your systems makes them the best possible caretakers of your identity orchestration solution.

The Security of Identity Orchestration Tools

Identity orchestration tools can provide an exceptional advantage for threat detection and remediation. Beyond merely enabling better user experience and efficiency, the top-down view of intelligently implemented identity orchestration tool grants unprecedented optics across your attack surface. By integrating automatic threat detection and expedited avenues of remediation, identity orchestration tools can offer clear-cut, instant answers to the 6 identity and access security questions.

Automated policy-driven safeguards benefit substantially from the plug-and-play philosophy of identity orchestration tool. Programs implementing passwordlessSSO, and adaptive MFA can be applied across all sectors of the orchestration solution, providing scalable security for internal and external users. What’s more, security policies are uniformly enforced across your entire identity fabric by rolling them out through an identity orchestration tool. You can even implement your security policy within the identity orchestration tool itself.

Then comes the issue of active threat remediation. During an active breach, minutes make the difference between clamping down on an intruder and finding yourself locked out of your own system. Your Identity orchestration tools give you the ability to not only home in on the compromised system but instantly cut off access regardless of its place within your database. No time is wasted opening one window for IGA and another for AM. Everything is running off a single tool right at your fingertips.

Shopping for a Solution

Finding the best identity orchestration tool for your enterprise requires a few fundamental criteria. You want an offering with the proper suite of identity support at a price point reflecting the services you receive. Checking case studiestestimonials, and peer reviews of your prospective solution provider should all figure into your assessment strategy.

As previously discussed, vendor-agnostic scalability serves as the hallmark of a valid identity orchestration solution. Simeio Vice President of Engineering, Hamdan Nathersa, states that orchestration can do more than just abstract the technical details of the underlying technology stack. “The orchestrator should give additional value with the ability to correlate data elements from different tools,” he says, “and give meaningful insights.” Therefore, your identity orchestration solution should automatically pool together the disparate data points. Doing so gives you a comprehensive view of your entire identity fabric.

When considering the cost of an identity orchestration solution, you should try to secure a service that will provide you with full end-to-end coverage befitting the span of your orchestrator. The Simeio Identity Orchestrator is offered as part of our MSP. This provides clients with ongoing identity service in addition to initial setup and rollout. Due to the evolving nature of identity challenges, having a team of identity experts in your back pocket is less of a welcome bonus and more of a necessary part of modern intelligent identity strategy.

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