I’m so excited to be here at Simeio. I’ve been working in the security sector for decades, and finally, I’ve arrived at a company that’s truly addressing cybersecurity with real understanding, impact, and results. My experience with cybersecurity issues has led me to realize that security begins and ends with identity. Not identity as a single-function product, but rather as a holistic platform that orchestrates across the entire ecosystem of applications, systems, security, identity, and data repositories.

So, why the excitement over this particular company? Because Simeio gets it. The icing on the cake for me was when Chris Schueler became the CEO. That’s when I knew I had to be a part of this company and the great team that’s in place. Chris also comes from decades of working in managed security. For many years, he and I were friendly competitors, with a lot of respect for one another.

Identity Orchestration is the Key to Addressing Cybersecurity Issues

The frustrating truth is that more cybersecurity breaches are occurring now than ever before, even as more money is spent combating it. More money, managed services, security technology, and people are not solving the problem. So, what’s the solution?

Well, let’s consider an example that may illustrate the answer. I can think of many analogies to cybersecurity conundrum. Let’s imagine a classic work written by Mozart, performed live by a symphony of brilliant musicians. It can be an amazing experience, right? But, visualize waiting with heightened anticipation, the musicians at the ready, only to be let down when the conductor never shows. Left to amble through the performance on their own, without guidance, the musicians will likely not produce a harmonious result!

The conductor brings life to the work, aligning the composition with the composer’s inspiration and vision. Orchestrating a musical performance requires a unified response from the musicians. It sets the tempo, executes the meter, shapes the sound of the ensemble to achieve the proper interpretation and musical pacing. Orchestrating these elements is necessary to accurately translate the composer’s intent. Without the conductor’s direction, the musical experience can be a discordant disaster.

I can apply this scenario to organizations without identity orchestration to navigate today’s diverse, and often precarious, perimeter-less infrastructure. Identity uses policies that provide instructions that align user access and privileges to data and applications, based upon business intent. Identity orchestration enables organizations to align their business needs with secure access across their entire data and application ecosystem – on-premises, in the cloud, and within hybrid environments.

As businesses grow, acquire or merge with other companies and transition applications to the cloud, they need rapid integration of applications with identity. Identity orchestration unifies multiple single-function security products and access management solutions, providing a holistic view and control of users, data, applications and systems – all from a single console. It seamlessly automates the configuration, management, and coordination of all systems and services. It understands and responds to the right users, providing the right access and usage, while denying access to the wrong users. With guidance like that of an accomplished conductor’s baton, tasks and workflows are simplified, enabling greater control and management of identity governance.

Simeio understands that enterprises need a collective and transparent view of all user access to their corporate resources. This is fundamental for today’s cybersecurity issues. Simeio is the market leader in providing this solution as a managed service. I joined Simeio for the unique advantages it brings to the market: our people, our automated processes built upon best practices, our technology, and our partner ecosystem. Simeio orchestrates identity and integrates it throughout our customer’s IT and security infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Solving the Cybersecurity is a Journey

At Simeio, we realize that securing endpoints hasn’t solved the cybersecurity issues. Firewalls didn’t solve the problem. Anti-malware software didn’t solve the problem. SIEM and SOAR didn’t solve the problem. What we know is most cyber breaches can be avoided if we validate the user’s identity and access privileges. It is a journey that includes a security assessment, gap analysis, implementing the right technologies, integrating applications, and orchestrating everything holistically.

Identity is the new perimeter, and identity orchestration as–a-Service is the best solution for today’s complex digital enterprises. Why is a managed service the best way to address identity? IAM solutions alone don’t secure digital assets. But in the hands of highly trained and skilled technicians with proven automated processes, and the right integrated technologies, they can reliably protect and secure corporate assets.

I believe Simeio is in the right place, at the right time, and with all the right pieces in place to solve the increasing security challenges. I was brought in to leverage my sales, marketing, and managed security expertise, to implement a focused and simplified go-to-market strategy to help expand our services globally. We’ve created the right solution that can scale to help the largest of enterprises and the vast mid-market. Now, it’s just a matter of clearly getting our message out.

Contributed by Jeff Multz