Case Study – Savings for a Major Healthcare Service Provider through IAM Automation

Client Description

The client is one of the nation’s four largest providers of home health services.

Project Background

The client performed manual provisioning of the accounts on AD and other applications. They wanted solid J-M-L scenarios implemented and streamlined IAM policy and standards.​

The client needed an IGA product as soon as possible. The application needed to avoid an increase in the manual work force and improve user experience. It also needed to include SSO federation for the clinical and technical apps, decrease manual provisioning, and implement PAM.​


The client reached out to Simeio and we demonstrated our plan for SSO, Lifecycle Management, and PAM. Their needs for IAM experts for CA, Okta SSO, and LCM (Lifecycle Management) were very niche, yet Simeio was able to provide in these areas. ​


Utilizing tools from Okta, CyberArk, and Aquera, an IGA platform was constructed which included SSO and LCM as well as relevant features for PAM. ​

The integrations provided more coverage and expertise than the client’s previous solutions while cutting costs compared to the applications they had used before. SSO integrations drastically decreased the average number of service tickets. ​

Additionally, the need for automation and lifecycle management was identified, proposed, and implemented. This further decreased the number of incidents and service requests while bolstering security and improving user experience. Most importantly, the affordable contract allowed the client to hire people in the US rather than open their own offices in an offshore location which would have been their only alternative. 


  • 60% Reduction in incident tickets
  • 95% LCM Provisioning Automation
  • 25-50% Cost Reduction on Identity Applications

Voice of the Customer

“Simeio has saved us $2M in IAM costs during the tenure of our contract. Their performance was good enough to drive expansions to our engagement with them, resulting in further automation and integrations and even better results. Simeio’s IAM expertise, technical aptitude, and functional acumen has built high expectations and trust that they will meet them.” – Associate Director, Cyber Security – Enterprise IAM/PAM