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Atlanta – September 14, 2021 – SIMEIO, the cybersecurity industry’s leading provider of Managed Identity Services today announced it has been recognized in the Overall Leadership category in the KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass for Identity as a Service (IDaaS) IGA. IDaaS combines Access Management functions with Access Governance capabilities, delivered as a cloud-based managed service supporting on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments. 

This IDaaS IGA report follows earlier reports recognizing Simeio’s innovation, product, market and overall leadership in the KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics, Access Management and IGA. The new IDaaS IGA report highlights Simeio’s significant growth shifting from a system integrator to an end-to-end managed identity service. 

As the Leadership Compass report indicates, IDaaS IGA has seen a marked increase in adoption due to its effectiveness in achieving a strong return on investment over in-house deployments,” states Chris Schueler, CEO at Simeio. “Simeio has been instrumental in enabling many of its clients to adopt and scale their IDaaS programs, thus growing our presence in the market tremendously. The identity market, and IDaaS, particularly, is witnessing incredible momentum and it is an exciting time at Simeio with our established expertise in the space. We are extremely honored to be ranked in the Overall Leadership category, and recognized for our Leadership in Product, Innovation, and Market categories.” 

Simeio saw the rate of IDaaS adoption parallel their business growth with a 40% revenue increase in 2020, and the company expects that growth to continue through 2021, and beyond. The customer momentum is due to the depth of technologies and services Simeio offers, like CIAM, PAM, identity proofing, federated identity, IGA, and application onboarding – all managed through the Simeio Identity Orchestrator. 

The momentum behind IDaaS IGA is no surprise, with the ongoing difficulties in finding and keeping skilled security professionals, keeping up with technology changes, and meeting the growing regulatory requirements,” states Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal at KuppingerCole. “Simeio has clearly shown their ability to address expanding global requirements, with the industry expertise needed to help customers protect their valuable digital assets.” 

Download a complimentary copy of the 2021 KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass for Identity as a Service (ISaaS) IGA. 

About Simeio  

Simeio is an award-winning global managed services provider offering Identity and Access Management solutions delivered as a service and interoperable with leading IAM tools. With 700+ employees worldwide, Simeio secures over 160 million identities globally for large enterprises and government entities. Services and solutions from Simeio include Customer Identity & Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Identity Proofing, Access Management & Federation, Identity Governance & Administration, Application Onboarding, and Simeio Identity Orchestrator. The company has been recognized for its business and technical leadership and rated high by Gartner, Forrester, and Kuppinger Cole, and was ranked by Great Places to Work®.  

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