Case Study – Agile Implementation for a Financial Services Client

Client Description

A major retail and commercial bank in the UK.

Project Background

The client’s Fraud Centre was having adoption challenges with their PAP (Policy Administration Point) solution. They needed to enable broader use by bank departments for centralised access controls. Their Fraud BOM (Business Operating Model) had to be appropriately scaled.


Simeio was required to support expansion of the Fraud BOM to control the attribute framework related to BOM/PAP-specific policies.


Simeio teams took over the status of the build and tested PAP capability with design input from the client’s Fraud Centre, resolving issues they encountered.

The team built, configured, and tested the lower environment for Single Sign-On (SSO) policies, upgraded the PAP, advised the client on how to enable the best setup for the PAP, managed testing, and documented the capability of the outcomes of the design and product upgrade.


  • Platform optimized for 60,000 Employees
  • User Experience Enhanced for the Client’s 13 mn Customers
  • 6-Month Implementation

Why Simeio

Simeio completed all tasks listed and the project successfully closed with full implementation of the knowledge library for PAP policy and Ping Federate SSO policy. Simeio are working with Ping to scale delivery with Ping’s other clients who have Symphonic / Ping PAP to address the same use cases and challenges.