Case study - Better User Experience for Healthcare

Client Description

The client is a provider of home health care, hospice, and related services.

Project Background

The client through its subsidiaries had approximately 31,800 employees providing healthcare services in 1,731 locations in 46 states. In managing this large user base, and environments, the client had 50 applications, some of which were SaaS, hosted in multiple data centers. There was a home-grown provisioning and authentication solution built over 20 years ago based on legacy technologies, which had not been updated in 15 years. The solution was based on offline data feeds, an archaic meta role management system mapped to active directory group structure, and a lack of standardized user identification.


The client’s plan called for a 12-month schedule to transition the entity’s ongoing day-to-day operation. Simeio was engaged to manage:
» Standardizing user identities
» Birthright provisioning
» Unified authentication
» Legacy system overhaul
» Need for Single Sign-On and Multi-factor Authentication
» Cloud-based migration
» Account lifecycle management
» Fragmented IAM tools
» Applications hosted in multiple datacenters


Simeio partnered with Okta to provide the technology and implementation expertise to set up a new cloud-based infrastructure. The goal was to provide a migration plan for the transition to be executed in less than 12 months. A cloud-based authentication system and life cycle management (LCM) product were implemented using Okta tools. The 350 applications were analyzed, based on well-defined parameters to create an application criticality matrix. This allowed the team to eliminate, rank, and classify the applications into multiple tiers to move to the new infrastructure within the allotted time frame. The Simeio team developed a robust independent IAM setup plan to cater to the client’s specific processes and support industry application-specific workflow processes.


  • Improved user experience by 60%.
  • Increased productivity by 9x.
  • 300 Applications centrally managed.

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