Efficiency Gain for Finance

Client Description

A Fortune 500 American payment processing company and technology provider.

Project Background

The client was dealing with an under-performing IAM environment because it was never fully deployed. From security and control risks to high operating costs of their identity administration systems, the client faced many issues that impacted the ability to connect their business processes with the identity platform. Manual on-boarding of users became labor-intensive that took six weeks or more to provide user access.


The client’s goal was to automate their review process for compliance and increase security, control risks better, and lower the operating costs for security. They also needed to streamline their business processes by better managing the access and visibility to achieve those goals. Simeio was engaged for its services in Access Governance, PAM, Identity Administration, Access Management & Fed, Core Directory Services.


Simeio enabled immediate on-boarding of business applications that earlier took up to six weeks. An automated access request process was established with two-step approval workflows. Simeio also performed role mining, reporting, and role analysis and completed reviews, and provided enriched reporting capabilities.


  • 95% efficiency gained of user onboarding and off-boarding.
  • 50% reduction in manager’s time to complete cert requests.
  • Reduced access lead times by 60%.
  • 0-Day provisioning to on-boarding.
  • Automated access review solution in 5 weeks for 6 core platforms and 100+ applications.
  • 3 review types in 12 weeks.