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Client Description

The client is global group of energy and petrochemical companies headquartered at Europe.

Project Background

The client was dealing with a complex process for data and information access and sharing, involving multiple user groups like employees, contractors, and vendors. An outdated and poorly architected web-based access management solution led to several outages that were business-critical. Several unresolved challenges were the cause of these outages, including:
• Identity Synchronization
• Data Integrity
• Lack of Disaster Recovery
• Difficult Business Continuity Management
• Centralized Request Response causing round trip delays and bad user experience.


The access management and MFA project involved setting up a new IDaaS service exclusively for the client to support its large user group and over 90 applications worldwide. Simeio’s managed services team was engaged for access management federation and multi-factor authentication (MFA). To support outages, tickets, requests, upgrades, privileged account on-boarding services, Simeio established a 24/7/365 helpdesk that operated on a hybrid model (onshore and offshore).


The engagement involved complete overhaul of the client’s IAM Platform with no impact to existing applications and included the migration of 90 applications. Over two years, Simeio’s scope expanded to 700+ applications and developing an automated platform to enable a complete transformation of the IAM program. Simeio also deployed over 200 enhancements and developed an automated platform that increased adoption through a rapid on-boarding capability. The selfservice platform reduced support tickets and requests while keeping the most confidential applications secure. In addition, the client could access a seamless, centralized dashboard that provided relevant user analytics for better decision-making. Simeio currently manages 5MN monthly transactions for the client.


  • Reduction of requests by 80%
  • Access Management environment with 99.9% uptime
  • Reduced support tickets by 85%
  • Support to 150,000 (B2E), & 50,000 (B2B) users
  • Zero Downtime
  • Support for 700 Applications

Voice of the Customer

Simeio came in and helped us with vacating a failing identity management environment and authentication capability. I think for what Simeio brings it is not just knowledge of one product suite but several product suites and being able to share with us that there are other ways of solving problems and it gives us a better view of where we should work on. – Identity and Access Management Portfolio Manager

When things don’t go well, and things don’t always go well, it’s the ability to reach out to key leaders and Simeio was responsive, willing to listen, and take action. Simeio brings a large amount of experience across a broad number of industry topics so leveraging that experience along with a capable staff allows us to deliver as quickly as we can with high quality and good value.” – Enterprise IAM Program Director