Case Study – Gap Identification and Future Planning for Insurance and Investment Firm

Client Description

The client is a major Toronto-based life, health, and insurance company with operations in Canada, the United States, and Asia. 

Project Background

The client was suffering from unknown or deprioritized issues and gaps. Challenges included an inconsistent and unoptimized user experience, a lack of robust MFA, no consolidated risk-based authentication for user sessions, and unprovisioned features and functionalities for managing support requests.​

The client was also planning a major ForgeRock upgrade and wanted strategic and tactical recommendations for seamless implementation. 


The client brought in Simeio to run an assessment of their current CIAM environment, identify gaps, and provide advisory on tactical and strategic undertakings in the form of a future state roadmap they could implement.


The client’s team was very forthcoming in their acceptance of potential gaps in their current state. They had many agile projects going on at the same time under very tight timelines. In some cases, our team was pulled into projects outside of the scope of the original engagement. However, because these projects still related to our strategic advisory services, we were in the unique position of offering meaningful contributions to urgent conversations around major environment and architecture. ​

We addressed these challenges by providing a detailed gap analysis listing current state gaps, interim, and future state architecture. We also provided a future state roadmap and project charters. Simeio also recommended changes for the upcoming ForgeRock upgrade, a collaboration-focused staffing model, and inputs into inbound SSO, BU mapping and Open Banking.

Why Simeio?

In this case, and many others, Simeio’s gap analysis identified the operational impact on the organization, which in turn affected their cost of maintenance. Our recommendations don’t just plug up existing gaps. ​

We provide a roadmap towards boosting ROIs well beyond an “acceptable” baseline. From ongoing initiatives to future state goals, Simeio’s involvement makes our clients’ IAM programs more unified, goal-based, and effective.