Identity burdens on a food manufacturer

Client Description

Client is a globally known producer of canned foods and related products with presence in over 100

Project Background

The client has 22,000 users including employees and contractors. There were internal and external audit findings that posed a major concern for the management. Elevated level of organization risks, issues, and vulnerabilities existed due to the lack of visibility. This resulted in lack of governance and accountability. Clearly, there was a need to automate and streamline the existing IAM environment, simplify processes, identify gaps faster, reduce them and improve efficiency. To mitigate these challenges, some efforts were made to manage IAM internally. The client engaged Saviynt for their IAM repository, and the platform was implemented by a global business consulting firm.


However, after the initial platform implementation the client realized the need to consolidate their IAM tools and technologies. The in-house team did not have the bandwidth to execute this effort nor the expertise to resolve the complexities and issues that would be a part of this consolidation. Thus, the the client team decided to engage a partner who could manage the complexities of IAM, simplify the processes and for future integration needs.


Simeio automated, operated, and managed the complete IAM function for the client. From providing 12 X 5 support to a complete overhaul of the IAM process was achieved through automation. The Saviynt platform was enhanced, by integrating applications using flat files and/or OOTB connectors. In addition, StealthBits Implementation (DAG) & Active Directory (AD) cleanup was also completed. User lifecycle management was improved by automating JML tasks.


  • 50% Reduction of manual tasks, effort & time for help desk.
  • 3000+ J-M-L tasks were automated.
  • 90% Reduction of failure counts in accounts & password management processes.

Why Simeio

The client found a unique, and strategic partner in Simeio with its comprehensive suite of enterprise Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) capabilities. Simeio enables enterprise IAM services “better, faster, economical and effective” for the client, in comparison to what the organization would have achieved building solutions on their own or “in-house.”