Ebook - Championing Identity Security in Your Organization

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has touched everything for years. It establishes you at the enterprise level at your new employer (and it goes on living for you at your past employer database for yours after you leave). It drives your access and your single sign-on. It personalizes your applications and remembers your favorites. Leading your identity and access management program effectively, can increase efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. If managed improperly, it makes for a “hostile work environment” (and short tenure).

  • You need to start. And start soon – but you do need a complete view of the land.
  • Remember, you are not going to do this alone. You are bound to get A LOT of input from various departments and personalities once the company realizes that you are implementing this ‘crazy’ program.
  • If you touch or change something, invariably, something breaks or stops working.

An ideal identity and access management services provider should not only run your IAM program but support your identity security journey.