Advisory Services & Access Management Datasheet

Successful cybersecurity is like a well-defended castle. For healthcare enterprises like hospitals and insurance providers, protecting confidential patient data is paramount. But when hackers breach your outer perimeter, do you have a stronghold to fall back to? Or are you vulnerable to the supply chain attacks which have ravaged the healthcare industry? With DoS attacks increasing by 74% in 2022 over 2021, your enterprise needs to prepare.

Privileged Access Management systems can be your front line and last line against supply chain attacks, applying the principles of RBAC to enforce PoLP and protect sensitive identities. Learn how your enterprise can create a solid identity platform through intelligent implementation of Privileged Access Management systems. By assessing your identity fabric, closing infrastructure gaps, bolstering your remediation capabilities, educating users, and embracing automation, you greatly reduce the likelihood of suffering catastrophe.

Follow these steps towards proper implementation, and your walls shall stand tall and strong against all attackers.