Infographic - Managed IAM in Finance

A smart investor knows how to maximize their returns. From compliance with critical identity regulations to building customer confidence, identity and access management (IAM) forms a central component of modern digital financial enterprises. Thus, companies must learn how to get the most out of their identity investments. For this purpose, no resource achieves these objectives better than managed IAM services. Discover how managed IAM in finance is a cost-effective enabler of cybersecurity, compliance, and customer experience.

How Simeio Delivers Optimal Managed IAM in Finance

Starting with a low-cost benchmarking session, your Simeio identity experts provide a critical overview of your identity fabric. This provides you with a clear understanding of what your ideal IAM solution looks like. Additionally, they chart out a roadmap for the changes needed to achieve your objectives. IAM in finance requires particular attention be paid to record-keeping and audit-readiness. As a result, your team will most likely recommend solutions focused on automated data collection designed to make these processes as simple and easy as possible. 

Furthermore, following the conclusion of your assessment, your Simeio team can scale up from benchmarking to executing on their proposed improvements. This frees up resources by consolidating your identity expenditures into a single expense for complete digital transformation. Additionally, it relieves the burden from your CISO and other identity team members. This in turn increases the chances of your success, providing an expert perspective on the most effective policies and technologies needed to achieve your goals.

Reach out to a Simeio identity expert today and see what optimize IAM in finance looks like for your enterprise.