If you can’t answer all 6 identity and access security questions at a moment’s notice, your IAM security program is vulnerable! Learn why each question is important to your enterprise’s risk posture. When your enterprise cannot answer each identity and access security question, you leave the door to bad actors wide open. Once all six of these questions are answered, your cybersecurity can move beyond the merely adequate into a truly optimized cybersecurity system.

Answering the Identity and Access Security Questions with Simeio

Continuous monitoring supported by robust identity management policies forms the core of effective cybersecurity. The identity and access security questions strongly demonstrate this, with each relying upon a clear information feed supported by automation. Simeio’s solutions ensure that every identity service provided improves risk posture. This is the case whether the provided service is an identity maturity benchmark or a full digital transformation.

Each of the critical questions finds a reliable means of answering it in Simeio’s managed identity services. Automated data collection keeps your systems up to date on ownership and permissions. Additional applications provide automatic account curation, preventing over-provisioning and removing orphaned accounts. Equipped with these features, a Simeio-driven IGA solution ensures ready-to-go answers. When paired with an effective PAM solution, all six of the critical identity and access security questions become answerable at the press of a button. 

If your enterprise wants the peak in immediate threat detection and remediation, the Simeio identity orchestrator is your ideal option. By bringing all of your identity applications into a single platform, you gain a single source of truth and point of control for all your identity functions. Additionally, by equipping your enterprise with automatic detection and remediation, you can take immediate action against any bad actors. This makes the six IAM security questions meaningful and useful, directing decisive action that keeps your identity fabric safe.