Identity Governance and Administration Leadership Compass 2022

Simeio is ranked in the 2022 KuppingerCole Identity Governance and Administration Leadership Compass! 

Are you leveraging your existing identity governance and administration (IGA) tools to maximize your investments? Simeio takes pride in saving provisioning time by up to 85%, and reducing help desk requests by almost 60% with over 95% uptime. There is a reason why we are a technology, product, innovation and overall IGA leader. And that is why we feature in the 2022 KuppingerCole Identity Governance and Administration Leadership Compass! Download the report to learn about the extent of our expertise and experience.

What’s in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2022?

The Leadership Compass 2022 covers a wide breadth of identity trends past and projected. As IGA evolves, identity lifecycle management and access governance solutions evolves with it. This report provides an in-depth view of market segments, delivery models, and capabilities for identity MSPs during 2022. KuppingerCole also consolidated this information into a set of helpful matrices to provide actionable insights into the state of managed identity. These include market/product, product/innovation, and innovation/market.

Next, the Leadership Compass 2022 provides an in-depth breakdown of the major players in managed identity services. This vendor list includes a product/vendor evaluation of the top 25 identity services vendors. These include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Simeio. Finally, the report explores the most pertinent methodologies used in 2022. The rundown covers leadership types, product and vendor ratings, a rating scale, and an explanation of the methodology behind inclusion/exclusion of vendors.

Whether you are referencing the report to chart out accurate trends or as a source of historical data, Simeio is honored to host this document. Our commitment to providing exceptional managed identity services has only grown since 2022. As we continue to adopt more advanced methodologies and embrace cutting-edge technologies, we look forward to proving year after year that our spot on the Leadership Compass is well-deserved.