Your Customer Identity and Access Management might be good, but are you sure it couldn’t be better?

How can the benefits of standard AM be extended into the realm of CIAM? Because CIAM is the customer-facing aspect of identity management, identity architects must ensure that it is as frictionless and secure as possible. Why not apply all the hard work already done on the core access management apparatus to your CIAM? Your identity solution should already avoid siloed systems. Therefore, why not siloed investments as well?

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Or is it? With the right mindset, expertise, and planning from outset, your CIAM solution rollout can be quick and clean. The deciding factors are twofold:

  1. That your identity architects have competently set up your access management system.
  2. That your architects can apply the featureset of your AM solution or, better yet, federate both pillars into a single unified platform.

This webinar focuses on how to enable your internal IT teams to achieve this level of harmony. Perhaps that means overhauling your internal processes, or bringing in a team of veteran identity experts. However, the core concept remains the same. Without this pivot all of your CIAM architecture becomes much more difficult and costly to implement and maintain.

About This Webinar: Customer Identity and Access Management

Dr. James Quick, Director, Simeio, and Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer, Ping, discuss the evolution of CIAM and how managed identity service providers can stay competitive with their customer identity and access management offerings. The two come together in this webinar to pool their experience and expertise, thus creating a valuable resource for companies seeking their ideal CIAM solution. Whether starting a CIAM deployment from the ground up or optimizing existing architecture, this webinar provides valuable insight to your operations.

Featuring additional insights from Michael Bickford, Director, Simeio and Chris Gregory, VP Channel Development & Operations, Saviynt.

Customer Identity and Access Management