Case Study – Exponential Decrease in Application Onboarding Times for a Major Food Retailer

Client Description

The client is one of the world’s largest food retail groups, a leader in supermarkets and e-commerce, and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing. 

Project Background

The company is invested in an extensive and global transformation of the IAM landscape. They had to oversee operations across 3 continental regions, resulting in a fragmented, substandard, and insecure apparatus requiring a considerable amount of manual effort to maintain. Tactical fixes and strategic improvements were necessary to improve the client’s ability to scale the IAM landscape for wider business growth. ​


Saviynt named Simeio to the client as their preferential integration partner, boasting the technical and functional expertise of Simeio best fit to the client’s need. Simeio engaged with the client directly at a roundtable that Simeio were hosting at a Saviynt Connect event. ​

Our attention to detail in understanding client requirements, quick turnaround on our proposals, and demonstratable expertise in IAM put us above competitors. 


The Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO) is purpose-built for exactly this kind of task. The IO swiftly onboarded and seamlessly integrated previously used applications into the Saviynt framework. Simeio also future-proofed the system, producing a global Joiner-Mover-Leaver template to onboard external identities including Azure AD integration for cloud as well as SMTP and Single Sign-On integration.​

Simeio was able to assure the client that they would be there every step of the Saviynt upgrade process and ensure it was seamless with minimum to no impact. From our initial estimate of 6 months, with Simeio’s assistance the upgrade was completed in 3, enabling the client to use the latest features available on the Saviynt platform.


  • Applications onboarding time reduced from days to hours
  • Zero production defects in deliverables ​
  • 400%​ reduction in access request fulfillment time​
  • Form loading time reduced from 35 to 5 seconds

Why Simeio?

Saviynt staked their own reputation by pointing this client to Simeio, knowing that our performance on this project would vindicate their recommendation. Our emphasis on expert implementation backed up by excellent customer relations means our partners can always leverage their Simeio connections with confidence.