Case Study – Large-scale Identity and Application Migration for a State Government Agency

Client Description

The client is a government-run information technology department for a major US state.

Project Background

The customer’s pre-existing platform mixed internal state users with external citizen users, leading to security and efficiency gaps. The outdated platform had no capacity for stable growth, and additional applications and users placed increasing strain on the system until it was rendered effectively unusable. Internal attempts to address this issue only resulted in failed rollouts, making it very difficult to add modern features like MFA.


The enterprise lacked internal experts capable of rebuilding their platform or maintaining it in its current state. Simeio was engaged through their standard RFP, and after demonstrating our suitability through extensive demos, we were chosen as the best option.


Simeio migrated existing identities and applications to the new platform while also allowing it to coexist with the existing platform during the transition. Simeio leveraged Ping Datasync to synchronize existing systems with their directory servers.

Next, Simeio built out a platform which provided similar functionality to their previous systems without being dependent on them. This new apparatus can be expanded with additional applications and identities as needed.


  • 1.5 million identities migrated at launch
  • Capacity set at over 8 million identities
  • 70 applications migrated

Voice of the Customer

“Thanks to Simeio’s teams being available and working through any issues we encountered, our rollout was exceptionally smooth and painless. This is probably the biggest change that I’ve ever been part of, and it went much better than I anticipated.”- Director of Identity Management and Converged Platforms