One of the most difficult challenges facing CISOs and company stakeholders is the difficulty of transitioning out from a sub-par identity management vendor. Such a move can be intimidating. So many aspects of an enterprise enmeshed with an IAM management service. As a result, staying with a suboptimal vendor can seem preferable to risking a change. However, waiting too long only makes the issue worse and potentially opens up your enterprise to security vulnerabilities or critical efficiency loss.

Furthermore, should your enterprise notice one of several key red flags, your choice changes from a question of desired improvement to one of necessary overhauls. Take a hard look at your current identity fabric. Check how many of these symptoms appear in your current interactions with your identity management vendor.  

Is it Time to Switch My Identity Management Vendor?

How many of these symptoms are you suffering from? Even a single one of these indicates a below-average identity services provider. Such providers cannot adequately provide identity services for cybersecurity, audit readiness, and future-proofed operations. If you regularly experience more than one, you need to make the switch to a new vendor as quickly as you can before they drag you down.

  1. Your ROI is Unacceptable – Pull no punches when assessing the business value you’re getting from your current identity solution.
  2. Your Vendor Is Mid-M&A – You have no reason to stay without an exact step-by-step run-through of how your systems will be kept up to par.
  3. No FutureProofing – Does your anticipate your needs and work to satisfy them?
  4. You are Being Forced to Migrate – Do you really want to be caught up in a “rip-and-replace” migration?
  5. Retention Ratings Are Low – A defective identity solution makes your environment a nightmare.
  6. You Lack Visibility into All Your Systems – You need a governance-based solution to stay secure and informed.
  7. Your Solution is at “End-of-Life” Status – Why pay to stay with software with no future?

The Simeio Prescription

When transitioning away from an identity management vendor, your enterprise must ensure it lands on its feet with minimal disruptions in operations. Simeio not only provides your initial assessment (providing actionable insights into your identity fabric) but can scale up to implementation as soon as your benchmarking session concludes.

Contact a Simeio identity advisor now and learn how changing identity management vendors is no issue at all with us as the replacement.