Infographic - What Sets A Simeio Benchmark Apart?

CISOs and C-Suite executives are starting to recognize the crucial role identity plays in their operations. Consequently, IAM maturity has emerged as the key metric for judging the security, efficiency, and business value of an IAM solution. With a Simeio benchmark, your company doesn’t just get a clear view of your current IAM maturity, but also a detailed portfolio on how to implement and maintain your improved identity solution. Simeio can even move directly from advisement to execution, spearheading your rollout with its veteran team of identity experts.

Standardized Criteria Checklist of a Simeio Benchmark

Simeio identity benchmarks are the result of years of experience. As a result, our list of factors serves as a definitive watermark for your enterprise’s IAM strength. Drawn from 80 individual items which fall into one of eight overarching levers, the benchmark seeks to address three key objectives. These objectives consist of strengthening cybersecurity, optimizing auditing capabilities, and implementing automation. By focusing on improvement to these three areas, Simeio provides targeted insight towards improving your IAM maturity.

One-on-one Customer Care service

A Simeio Benchmark does not mechanically plug your enterprise into a sterile checklist and assign you an impersonal score. Benchmarking sessions are both personal and personalized, with a Simeio identity expert working with you at every step. Together, both teams discover the ideal shape of your bespoke identity solution. Thus, Simeio ensures that your enterprise understands the individual factors behind your final score. Consequently, this allows you to communicate benchmark findings clearly and concisely to your key stakeholders.

Scale from Assessment to Implementation

A benchmark without action is like a blueprint for a building that is never built. Likewise, your benchmarking findings must ultimately culminate in an effective implementation. A Simeio benchmark’s effectiveness comes from its direct pipeline from understanding “what needs to be done” to “doing it.” Even better, this decision doesn’t need to be made right at the start. Perhaps you are unsure if Simeio is the right fit for your implementation strategy. Even in that case, you can still work with us through your benchmarking session at no obligation for further scaling. This allows you to get a feel for the quality of our work without shackling yourself to a long-term commitment. This allows your plans to be as flexible as you need them to be.

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