Simeio's IAM Benchmark

Discover how our innovative IAM benchmark empowers organizations to assess and enhance their identity programs. From immersive knowledge-sharing sessions to actionable insights based on standardized benchmarks, witness firsthand the impact of Simeio’s expertise on driving meaningful change.

Learn how our tailored action plans and ongoing support services ensure your enterprise reaches new heights of maturity and resilience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock your organization’s full potential—watch now and take the first step towards a more secure future with Simeio.

Transcript – IAM Benchmark

Securing your enterprise’s identity fabric is critical. But where do you begin? Introducing Simeio’s IAM Maturity Benchmark—a revolutionary grading system designed to empower your organization with actionable insights and offer strategic direction. 

Without a clear understanding of your identity program’s maturity, you’re susceptible to cyber threats, compliance risks, and wasted resources. Just consider the alarming trends facing security professionals in 2024

From orphaned accounts to data breaches costing millions, the stakes have never been higher. But fear not, because Simeio’s IAM Maturity Benchmark is here to guide you through the process. 

Your journey towards greater maturity starts with an immersive knowledge-sharing session led by a team of identity professionals. Through strategic discussions and expert guidance, you’ll gain valuable insights into your enterprise’s identity capability. 

This interactive session results in a maturity score based on standardized benchmarks, revealing your strengths and areas for improvement. With a comprehensive understanding of your IAM program, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions to enhance security and efficiency. 

But what exactly influences your maturity score? Simeio’s eight levers distill over 80 factors into a single performance report, covering everything from user identity stores to program governance to service adoption across the enterprise. 

By addressing key questions and considerations, you’ll gain clarity on your identity program’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Armed with your benchmark report, you’ll receive a tailored action plan to address your organization’s specific risk areas. Whether it’s enhancing user provisioning, improving authentication processes or onboarding more applications to Identity controls, Simeio provides the expertise and support to drive meaningful change. 

Our team prioritizes immediate actions for short-term improvements while ensuring a fixed-cost delivery schedule and ongoing support. With Simeio by your side, navigating the complexities of IAM maturity has never been easier. 

Don’t let uncertainty hold your organization back. Contact Simeio today and discover how our IAM Maturity Benchmark can unlock your enterprise’s full potential.