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By Rohith Nair

Ransomware is Lurking Within, to Extort and Hold Your Data Hostage

The cyber threat landscape is continuously changing, and growing in complexity and numbers. Ransomware is a top cyber threat that every business must contain. To accomplish this requires a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.  A lack of cohesive protective technologies, procedures, processes and user awareness, will lead to unintended consequences. If your company should fall victim to […]

By Christina Czeschik

Spy vs. Spy: Homegrown intelligence and counter-intelligence

“Behind closed doors” has always been an irresistible place. All kinds of people – from friendly neighbors to international spies – desperately want to know about the things people try to keep private from the world.  Especially what *businesses* like to keep private from the world.  Corporate espionage (or “aggressive competitive research”?)  is just part of doing […]

By Jayne Hallock

A Very Sharey 2017: Editor’s Picks

As the Editor of Hum@n, I am constantly ‘taking the temperature’ of our readership. It’s important to me that we publish only compelling, interesting and ultimately useful content for you all. And there’s only one real way to measure what readers actually enjoy.  Counting “likes” can be an indicator but likes are easy and half the time – […]

By Jayne Hallock

New GDPR Series: Countdown To Compliance

In the already hot industry of Identity Management, there is one identity concern that burns just a bit brighter in the minds of many modern businesses: GDPR. Compliance is not optional, not simplistic…and nothing to mess around with. The financial impact of non-compliance could literally put some enterprises out of business. It’s something we all have […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Whole Foods, Accenture & More

Extra, extra!  It’s a new edition of The Breach Report. As major breaches happen, we’ll skim for the most important data points from the most trusted resources and publish them here.  Here’s what’s happening in November… Whole Foods Breach Update: What’s Happened: You gotta watch those bells and whistles. The compromise didn’t happen in the […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Equifax & Deloitte

***Updated 10/24/207*** Is it irony, coincidence or a dark cosmic joke that some of the biggest security breaches we’ve ever seen are happening now? A.K.A. right when we’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month? We’re tempted to respond to the news of these breaches with a laundry list of advice and observations…but then we realized there’s enough […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Equifax Breach: How to Educate Yourself

The recent Equifax breach is one of the largest and most stunning breaches we’ve seen. Although cybersecurity is a complex and completely unpredictable topic, we thought we should weigh in on the basic facts and provide our readers a curated list of interesting, informed further research. First, some facts. According to the FTC, the “The breach […]

Preventing Cyberattacks

By Jeff Multz

Follow The Puck: The Future of Cybersecurity Challenges

Like most people I know, I always make time to read about my industry. Not only to educate myself, but to keep on top of any emerging trends that might impact my business.  I’m not a huge hockey fan, but I do like this quote from Wayne Gretzky: “I skate to where the puck is […]