Discover the Emerging Trends in Identity and Access Management

The Art of the Possible was the primary theme of the RSA Conference 2024. As a prime mover in the sphere of managed identity services, Simeio was an obvious attendee, and we were honored to be part of this event. RSA serves as one of the top sources of insight on emerging trends in identity and access management. Joined by peers from over 135 countries, Simeio was perfectly poised to get a feel of the state of cybersecurity and its predicted course.

Security topics ranged from the rise of hacktivist tactics to the growing risk of supply chain attacks. On a broader cultural level, one of the bright spots amongst the emerging identity challenges was the movement towards greater collective action in the cybersecurity community. With rising collaboration, enterprises become better equipped to develop and execute on proactive identity security solutions.

If more providers and enterprises embrace trends like the movement towards a greater emphasis on zero trust systems, the collective baseline of cybersecurity rises substantially. This means more security and stability for all those who take part in the multi-sector identity security movement.

Additional emerging trends discussed at RSA concerned several new technologies and systems. These include AI integration in Cybersecurity, the security implications of biotechnological advances, and the evolution of infrastructure and applications. As always, Simeio maintains a keen awareness of these important identity trends, and our solutions reflect their effects. As 2024 continues as a year of high stakes cybersecurity issues, enterprises must move towards greater maturity in their identity fabrics. Whether that means embarking on a digital transformation with an identity benchmark or implementing an identity orchestration platform, your enterprise must be proactive to be effective.

Get ahead of emerging identity management with our full breakdown of the event and become part of an increasingly secure and mature digital landscape.